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Feature Friday: More Data? No Problem!

This week's Feature Friday showcases two updates from this week and two recent features that app creators are happily implementing in their apps.

The first announcement is our integration with Active Directory for application access. No need to keep lists of users, you can simply use groups in Active Directory to manage access to your apps. 

The second feature lets you manage multiple tables with the same structure and switch between them so you can scale out the data in your apps in spreadsheets, which is how you like to see your data.

The third and fourth features are recent additions that thousands of app creators are implementing in their apps today, and if you are not doing should! We'll talk about the ability to change access rules to a table and the ability to copy rows in an app. 

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Feature Friday: The one about Google Domains Integration

Happy Friday! This week we have a couple of new features to announce. The first one is one that will make Google Admins creating and managing AppSheet apps very happy. The second will make App Creators want to improve their formula and expression writing game. 

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How to Build a Powerful Demo App – Robust Test Data is Key

While building sample apps with AppSheet is pretty easy, finding test data to drive the app can be a tedious process.

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How to Make Apps with Multiple Tables

During our April 28 webinar, we explained how to create apps that use multiple tables and had connections between them. We had a very active group of app creators who asked questions about giving more power to their apps using references, Inline views, and the Slideshow view. Continue reading for details about the call and a video recording of the webinar!

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DIY Mobile Apps: To Infinity and Beyond

Whenever I'd whine about doing chores as a child, my grandma would always say, "If we can put a man on the moon, you can make your bed." I grew up hating the "if we can put a man on the moon" schtick; but now, my grandma's words echo more loudly than ever.

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