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Big Data Solutions in a Texas Mayor Race

The ability to gather data about voters, hone in on specific slices of a demographic and tailor a message to constituents has been a game changer in how political campaigns are run, predicted and won. While many organizers at the local level understand that big data tools can give a particular candidate an edge, those tools have historically only been available to high-power corporations or giant political machines — but new technology and services are leveling the playing field.

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Unbundle your Excel into a Customized App

It has been argued that the stripped-down online community posting site Craigslist has given rise to numerous services that are now part of the sharing economy. The Vacation Rentals section grew into Airbnb, the arts + crafts sales page became Etsy, and services like LegalZoom, Redfin and more have all been “unbundled” from the simple categories found on Craigslist.

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The Little Lost App:  Why Your Apps Might Be Getting Lost in App Stores

Once upon a time, in a place called App-land, there was a disagreement between two of the little apps. One felt deep in his programming that he was the very best. His friend would never agree, stating that he was the best. One day they decided to have a contest.

"We shall go to the App Stores and see who is most popular," declared the first.

"Yes,” agreed the second.  "And that will prove once and for all who is best!"

So they went down to the app stores and walked inside. And they were never heard from again.  

The End

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Congratulations on Your Mobile Engagement! (With Your Customers)


We may not be standing at the hatch of our spaceship ready to step out on an unknown planet, but trust me— it's a whole new world out there. From the 1960s to the 1990s it was something of an event to "go shopping.” People actually dressed for the occasion.

By the mid-1990s, Wal-Mart was starting to catch-hold, and other Big Box stores were becoming the default. Nowadays people are so blasé about it that they go shopping in sweat pants, and seem ill-prepared to face the day.

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